Facility Guidelines

Please wear proper attire in all areas of the YMCA. Shirts, shorts, sweats and shoes are appropriate attire. No black-soled or street shoes are allowed in the gym, aerobics room or courts. In the swimming pool, whirlpool, saunas and steam rooms proper swimming suits are required. For racquetball and handball, protective eyewear is strongly recommended.

YMCA members are required to have their photo taken to ensure safety and security for all. Members are required to check-in on each visit to verify current membership, and program participants must sign a non-member liability waiver. All members and guests are subject to a nationwide background check.

Major maintenance in our facilities requires that we close certain areas for extended periods of time, during which time members may continue to use other areas of the facility or another branch of the YMCA.

The YMCA is handicapped accessible. Please contact the front desk about any additional accommodations needed for participation.

Lockers are available for day use by members and guests. You must bring your own lock and remove it at the end of each visit. Items left overnight will be removed from the locker room and placed in lost and found. Contents will be kept for 30 days. Invest in a strong lock and always secure your belongings. We recommend you not bring valuables in the facility; the YMCA is not responsible for lost/stolen items.

Lost and Found is located at the Welcome Center at all YMCA locations. Articles found in the building should be turned in to the staff at the Front Desk. All items turned in at the Lost and found will be kept for a 30-day period. At the end of 30 days, items will be donated to charity. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Personal, partner, and group training in the YMCA Pools, Gyms and Wellness Centers are a member service. Outside trainers are not allowed to provide services in YMCA facilities; including but not limited to: personal training, swim lesson instruction, basketball/other sport training, etc.

The safety of YMCA members and guests is our top priority.

  • Cell phones are not to be utilized in locker rooms at any time.
  • AED machines are located in every facility; with staff certified in CPR,
    First Aid & AED
  • Background checks are performed on all staff
  • Lifeguards are on duty at all times when pools are open
  • Staff routinely walks all facilities to ensure the safety of all members and guests.

Program schedules for Group Exercise, Group Cycling, Spirit, Mind Classes, Gyms, Pools, and Child Watch can be found on our website at www.ymcaimv.org

Use of tobacco products and/or smoking is prohibited in all YMCA Membership and Program facilities and on all YMCA Membership and Program grounds.

Possession of weapons of any kind is prohibited in all YMCA Membership and Program facilities and on all YMCA Membership and Program grounds.

Share your comments and suggestions at any YMCA branch welcome center, with our metro leadership team or with your branch leadership teams.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/adult (age 18 & up) at all times, unless the child is in an organized program. Children ages 10 and older are allowed to use facilities without on-site parental/adult supervision.

Members ages 14 and older may use the Cardio & Strength Centers. Members age 12-13 will need to participate in a class before having access to the Cardio & Strength Center and adhere to the rules set forth in the class and under adult supervision. Participants must be 16 to use any treadmill. Members age 8-11 may use indoor tracks when accompanied by an adult; ages 12 and up may use indoor tracks without adult supervision but must adhere to the rules set forth.

For your safety, unless in an organized, supervised program such as swim lessons, children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent/adult (age 18 & up) at all times when using a YMCA swimming pool. Youth ages 17 and under that would like to use a pool in water depths that exceed chest height of the individual will need to take a swim test. All flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard approved. Lifeguards are provided at all times pool(s) are open for your safety and their decisions are final.

Community members may utilize YMCA facilities as a visitor by purchasing a visitor pass at any location: Youth $8, Individual $14 or Family $20. Time and Day usage restrictions may apply. Please contact the Welcome Center for access limitations.



At the Y, we value what everyone brings to the table. We work to ensure that all segments of our communities are welcome at the Y, and have equal opportunities to become connected to other participants, members, staff and volunteers at all levels of the organization. We make it a priority to educate and empower staff and volunteers to intentionally think, act and communicate with a diverse, inclusive and global approach to serving all.

The Y promotes and provides access to healthy lifestyles for all children and adults, including those with disabilities. Through positive recreational experiences, we emphasize each person’s abilities and individuality and help participants build social skills. Our adaptive programs will work toward a healthy mind, body and spirit.

The YMCA is an inclusive, family-friendly organization. We expect all members and guests to model four core values- caring, honesty, respect and responsibility – in their conduct and language (including within digital and/or social media).

The YMCA reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership at our discretion if actions or behaviors are not deemed in the best interest of the organization.

The YMCA of the IMV does not provide accident insurance for injuries sustained during YMCA activities. Members and program participants participate in programs and use the facility at their own risk, and are encouraged to have personal medical insurance coverage.

The monthly bank draft payment plan is a continuous membership or program payment plan and will continue unless the YMCA is NOTIFIED 15 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT DRAFT. Bank draft cancellations are accepted in person, by written letter or via fax with a handwritten signature. The YMCA reserves the right to change bank draft fees with a 30 day written notice to members.

Returned items are subject to the original payment due to the YMCA plus a $20 service fee.

Membership fees are non-refundable except in the case of members who paid a full year in advance and are dealing with an injury, major illness or moving from the Quad City area. Credits expire after one year.

If the program is cancelled by the Y a full credit or refund will be given. Credits or refunds will be given on the unused portion if the participant is dealing with an injury, major illness or moving from the Quad City area.