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Building Community - Joining Together - Staying Safe

Watch for more information and opportunity as we use social media and available resources to still further our mission by increasing authentic, empathetic engagement and providing opportunities to stay healthy together.

Thoughts and ideas?

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Current ideas we are working on:

  • Virtual Group Exercise Schedule (see below here)
  • Facebook Live Meet Ups, contests, games
  • Waving from the street campaign
  • Poetry, art, dance....   let's break the boredom and share some cool stuff!

Above: Our YMCA Achievers Outreach Director Tyler and our Mentor Jordan stop by Mary Kay and Carl's home in Davenport to say hello.  Supporting the Y gives us the ability to provide essential community programs during this time, from Child Care and School Out for health care workers, first responders and other needed community families, to visits on some of our older adults and at-risk friends. WANT US TO VISIT? Use the email link above and let us know!

Live Feed & Daily Class Library:

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Live at OUR Y! Virtual Group Exercise Schedule

Check our classes below. Still working on more Older Adult classes, and... maybe some creative stuff?

PLEASE: Bear with us as we work to provide a live, interactive, high-quality experience! Remember to share to  your friends...

Schedule for May 4 - May 8

8:00   Yoga with Becky
10:00  Dance Cardio with Awesome Amy
8:00    Yoga with Becky
8:00   Yoga with Becky

Live Class Archives

YEE-HAW! Ol' West Country Yoga!

Special Thanks to Becky, Outreach Director Tyler, and "Doc and Delilah"... (Delilah is actually Utica Director Jackie Holm)


Flip with Chip!

Gymnastics in the Living Room featuring Coach Chip and Julius

Dance Party with the Awesome Amy T!

Bodyweight Strength and Stretch

Michelle Z and Tera T


Vinyasa Yoga with the Wonderful Becky!

Burnin' Up That Anxiety (and fear and anger and...)

with Michelle Z and Tera T

Dancin' and Feelin' GREAT

Join Amy T and her daughter for a great workout

Outdoor Pump Up

featuring Michelle Z, Dr. Mike and Janeen Mack

Tumbling from the YMCA Gymnastics & Cheer Center

Coach Chip Shows Connections of  "I Can Do!" Tumbling and Y Gymnastics Program

PT with Michelle Z and Volunteer Board Member Tara

Y Achiever Matthias Joins Becky for "Power Yoga"

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip

Special Guests: Bria and Lily

Friday Feel Good Workout

Featuring Michelle and Bettendorf Advisory Board member Tara!

Becky's Beautiful Yoga: Weekly Wind Down

Video coming soon!

Coach Chip's Living Room Gymnastics

Make a quick gym in your living room!

Mitch and Monica Full Body Fun!

The North Y is in your Living Room... on the beach!

Beach Front Workout From The Living With Michelle Z!

Join her with ER Dr. Mike and Janeen... members and
Y Donors who make our mission happen!

Coach Chip With A Living Room Gymnastics Session For All!

Full Body Strength and Stretch with Michelle and Board Volunteer Tera

Gentle "Melt The Snow Away" Yoga with Becky

Living Room Gymnastics with Coach Chip Lily

World Championship Aerobics with Amy and Frank


Full Body Strength and Stretch with Michelle and the Macks

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip

Full Body Feel Good Workout with Michelle and Board Volunteer Tara

Morning ENERGIZE Yoga with Becky

Mindfulness And Brain/Body/Emotion Balance With Jen V

Jen is well-known throughout the community for her work to celebrate and educate people of all ages on the need to understand our spirit, mind and body. As a YMCA Outreach Volunteer, we work together to provide more opportunities and audiences for this important cause. Her work in mindfulness has helped thousands to find calm, balance, purpose and to reduce fear and anxiety. Enjoy!

All Ages Gymnastics Workout With Coach Chip

Weekly Wind Down: Vinyasa Yoga With Becky

Living Room Gymnastics with Coach Chip and Lily


Workout With Michelle and the Macks

Strength, Stretch, Cardio With Partners...

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip Pt. 1

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip Pt. 2

Squats for Everyone with Michelle

From advanced, to older adults, to weights, to range of motion, we take through one of the best exercises we have for full body strength, stretch and range of motion.


Gentle Mid-week Fogbuster with Becky

Stretch - Coordination - Tumbling
Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip!

Dance Aerobics With Amy!

Join us for some vibes (royalty free music from Facebook)

Rep It Out! Strength and Stretch With Michelle and Jackie (2 Parts)

Healthy Living TIP - Negative Calorie Foods (CLICK THE LINK)

All Ages! Just go at your own pace and movement


Part 2:


Gymnastics With Coach Chip: agility exercises for all at home!

Core Workout with Dr. Mike and Janeen and Luis

Power Yoga With Becky (all ages/variations provided)

Adult Gymnastics: Coach Chip Helps Parents Join Along Too!

Resistance Band Training with Michelle and Luis

Vinyasa Yoga with Becky

April 3:

Gymnastics With Coach Chip

Slide Aerobics with Mary!

Supporting the Y Mission: Members, Clients, Donors and Volunteers

An interview with ER Dr. Mack and his wife Janeen

Training At Home With Michelle with special Guests Dr. Mike Mack and Janeen

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip - Part 1

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip - Part 2

Michelle's Strength & Stretch  With Household Items!

Yoga From The Mountain Top with Becky!

Living Room Gymnastics With Coach Chip

Previous Class: Dance Aerobics With Amy!

Recent Class 3.31: Aerobics, balance and strength with Michelle

Alphabet Workout For All Ages

Vinyasa Flow Yoga With Becky
3/30/20 at 8am

Friday Yoga With Becky!

Click here for class

Family Fun & Fitness: 52 card pick workout game

All-Ages Bodyweight Workout: 12 Days Of Workout
Featuring Mary and Marli - A workout for all: high level to Silver Sneakers

Click here to play video

Gymnastics For The Living Room with Coach Chip:

Session 3

Session 1

Click here to play video

Y Personal Trainer Michelle takes Johanna through a workout... from the mountaintop!

Vinyasana Flow - Becky and Marli All Ages

Click on the image above or here for the Facebook Video of this class



Y-360 Videos

See below for 4 different sections

  • Yoga
  • Boot Camp
  • Active Older Adults
  • Barre
  • Kids/Family Classes

New: Bootcamp 5-min challenge

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New Kids Yoga!

Click here to watch Kids Yoga!


Boot Camp

Active Older Adults