Bix and the YMCA

The YMCA and the Bix are connecting more than ever!

Changes to Schedules and Traffic

Friday, July 23rd

  • Bittner YMCA will close at 12pm
  • Davenport ELC will close at 4pm
  • 4th Street will become 2-way at 2pm
  • 4th Street will CLOSE at 5pm
  • 4th Street will REOPEN when the Jr. Bix is over

Bix Saturday, July 24th

  • 4th street OPEN to the Y parking lot entrance until 6:30am
  • The Bittner YMCA will be OPEN from 1pm to 5pm

Junior Bix

Bix Race Day Child Watch

  • Available to YMCA members and non-members
  • Registration Deadline: July 19th
  • 6am to 12pm
  • For children ages 2-12 years old
  • Cost: 1 child = $25/2+ children family = $50
  • Child Watch registration has CLOSED